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Bike Check – Benny L’s Signature Fit – DIG BMX

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Benny L know’s what he likes, and that’s a tight setup. Ben and Matty Lambert headed out on a cold Scouse afternoon and bagged some clips at the same time running us through what parts he’s got hooked up to that Benny L V2. That last clip is classic Ben! Parts list below:

FIT Benny L V2 Frame – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/frames/benn…

FIT Benny Stem – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/stems/benny…

FIT Benny 4 Piece Bars – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/bars/benny-…

FIT Benny Grips – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/grips/benny…

FIT Shiv Forks – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/forks/shiv-…

FIT Indent Cranks – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/cranks/2pc-…

FIT Key Guard Sprocket – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/sprockets/k…

FIT Solo Tripod Seat – http://fitbikeco.com/shop/seating/sol…

Animal Prototype Wheels

Animal GLH Tires

Animal Plastic Pedals

Animal 4″ Butcher Pegs

Ben Lewis is supported by official DIG Partners: http://fitbikeco.com/​ | http://www.sourcebmx.com/ | http://etnies.com/

Official DIG Partners

Filmed and edited by Matty Lambert

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Bike Check – Benny L’s Signature Fit – DIG BMX

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