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BMX – TCU TV – The Grant Castelluzzo Interview

BMX – Grant Castelluzzo has the new TCU TV. Learn a little bit about the man in this illuminating interview. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

While Grant C was in LA filming with us (including his Instagram Slam and his Game Of BIKE) I had to get him on TCU TV. We talked about his early days riding BMX, the early days of the BMX Internet, salty old men hating on the new generation of BMX kids, Mike Hinkens and much, much more. If you’ve got any further questions for Grant (or anyone else on the show) feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll get back to you.

1:20 How did you get started riding a bike?
5:00 Midwestbmx.net and how that impacted the scene
10:35: Why did you make the move to Milwaukee and how strong is the scene?
14:00: Are you offended by the term “park rat”?
19:18: What was it like doing a 720 hurricane? Did you invent the vader?
25:00: Let’s talk about Straight Edge
28:35: Let’s talk about your temper
32:40: How did you get into filming and editing?
39:44: Who are your favorite videographers?
43:34: What are your thoughts on the overall state of BMX right now? Why are there so many salty old dudes?
48:15: We talk about kids filming clips for Instagram and if there’s anything wrong with that
50:50: We talk about specialization in BMX
53:20: Is BMX no longer an outsider activity?
55:30: We talk about surrounding yourself with people who are motivated to ride

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BMX – TCU TV – The Grant Castelluzzo Interview

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