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BMX – TCU TV – The Micah Kranz Interview

BMX – TCU TV – The Micah Kranz Interview. Click to Subscribe for more BMX videos: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

Micah Kranz tried to turn this interview around on us and while Catfish struggled to restrain him, that only served to push us in the direction of an existential debate about the role this podcast should play. In between contemplating our own existence we also managed to learn a lot of about Micah and we discussed all kinds of BMX current events and why Micah has banished himself from society and is moving back in with his Mom. Enjoy!

02:00 Steve Crandall
07:00 A goalpost fell down and broke his leg
10:30 How he got started in the BMX industry
16:00 Meeting Catfish
20:00 The business of doing shows
29:00 Nitro Circus
37:00 Deleting all social media
39:00 Adam attempts to go buy drinks
45:00 Music
53:00 Moving back in with Mom
59:00 Bizzle
1:04:45 Being overweight
1:08:00 Micah’s beef with Clint Millar over the Division name
1:23:00 How pros act around kids
1:34:00 Micah is like Adele

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BMX – TCU TV – The Micah Kranz Interview

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