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BMX – TCU TV – The Mike Hinkens Interview

Mike Hinkens is the latest guest to make an appearance on TCU TV. Check it out and Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

This week on TCU TV we had Midwest legend Mike Hinkens in the studio. This conversation went exceptionally well so we let it run long, talking for over 2 hours in total. Check the list of topics discussed below and leave a comment if you enjoyed this!

00:30 Where you from
11:30 Straight Edge
14:00 Finding your identify through BMX
22:00 Barcelona
26:00 BMX after high school
31:00 Riding for The Take
39:00 Becoming BFF’s with Grant
40:30 Going to school and moving to Nicaragua
51:00 Fighting
58:00 Raging out
1:02:00 Romanticizing the past
1:06:00 Adam LZ and BMX as a popularity contest
1:14:00 FBM
1:23:00 My blackout drunk barber shows up
1:25:00 DC and moving around
1:39:00 Hanging out with little kids
1:43:00 Adam’s fleshlight
1:48:00 Plastic
1:55:00 Doing long feeble on rails with front brakes to slow you down
1:57:00 Never reproducing or growing up
2:02:00 Teaching
2:11:00 Dan Kruk & Bae & Dab
2:15:00 K Rob stories

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BMX – TCU TV – The Mike Hinkens Interview

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