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BMX – TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 1

BMX – TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview. Click to Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1HOEepQ

Nobody in the history of TCU TV has ever come more prepared than Mike Mastroni. He had a lot of things he wanted to say and if you know Mike, you know there was no way he was going to leave them to chance and just hope that he remembered to mention them all. The end result is an incredibly comprehensive, almost 3 hour long interview that covers just about everything from Mike’s early days self-filming in the woods of Connecticut all the way up to his current role as Volume Bikes rider, filmer and team manager. This interview is so long that I figured it only made sense to split it up into 2 parts so enjoy this one and tune in tomorrow for part 2.

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00:00 What hats do you wear at Volume?
01:30 How did we first start working together?
05:00 The progression of Mastroni’s self filmed web videos
10:00 Driving around looking for spots to ride by yourself
16:30 Mastroni and I met via a girl we both hooked up with from Myspace
19:00 The original OSS team
20:00 Filming with dollies
22:30 Craig Passero the Boston Strangler
28:00 Realizing you’re the filmer
33:00 Realizing you can do whatever you want
40:00 Making the move to California
51:00 Denver Nugs: http://thecomeup.com/videos/press-rewind-oss-denver-nugs-full-video
44:30 Getting on Volume
1:00:00 Kicking people off the team and adding riders to Volume

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BMX – TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 1

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