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Broc Raiford 2015 Signature Series Part.

Broc Raiford follows up his mind blowing part in The Finer Things earlier this year with a brand new collection of fresh footy for you to cap off 2015. Enjoy!

Check out Broc’s Signature products here:
Vessel frame: http://volumebikes.com/frames/vessel-frame/
Captain bar: http://volumebikes.com/parts/bars-captain/
Anchor fork: http://volumebikes.com/parts/fork-anchor/
Nautical Seat: http://volumebikes.com/parts/seats-nautical/

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens, Justin Koebele & DeMarcus Paul

Music: Johnny Cash – „Rusty Cage“


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Broc Raiford 2015 Signature Series Part.

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