Continuing where we left off in project GTR pt. 8 It’s time to fix the skyline’s shaking rear end but during the week i drove the car around the block and noticed that there is a really bad break up issue like a „“hiccup“ so I decided it was time to get the car to the shop and get all the issues fixed so i can finally enjoy driving this GT-R! So I drove down to precision tuning in Spotswood, NJ and met up with Rick y to start the basic diagnostics so we got the car on the dyno to get some information like air fuel and boost. While I was there I went to check out the progress of the turbo civic from Project STI pt.3 and did a quick check in on Ricky’s 1JZ drift 240! After a few runs on the dyne the guys figured out the break up issue by bypassing the fuel pump controller and sending all 12 volts to the pump at all times! But we still need to figure out the shaking but today was definitely a step in the right direction! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!