BSD BMX – Reed Stark Euro Safari iPhone edit | WOOZY BMX VIDEO MAGAZINE
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BSD BMX – Reed Stark Euro Safari iPhone edit

The Giraffe took a 4 month safari through Greece, Spain, France, Gran Canaria, and Scotland hunting for laughs and uncharted spots to ride. Here are some of the things he experienced along the way. Follow @youscaredstiff and @bsdforever on Instagram to see where the rocket ship takes him next…

Featuring/Filmed by:

Reed Stark
Simone Barraco
Joris Coulomb
Luc LeGrand
Denim Cox
Eric Sans
Thijs Vervaeck
Bjorn Sorenson (kendama)
Zack Catfish Yankush
Diego Mono Navarro
Mirco Andreani
Agus Lasgoity
Mati Lasgoity

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BSD BMX – Reed Stark Euro Safari iPhone edit

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