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Marius Dietsche – TMPRD Dynasty Crew

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German / Aussie transplant Marius Dietsche is a fireball of energy with a penchant for backwards rails and excellent tech treats – no wonder Tempered have added him to their already stacked ranks! Acquaint yourself with Marry Dee, you’ll be seeing a lot more from this guy.

„Tempered would like to give a warm welcome to Marius Dietsche, colloquially known as ‚Marry Dee‘. Originally from Germany, now living and studying in Melbourne, these are the clips he had filmed over the last year and a half, with one broken thumb along the way.“

„Welcome to the Tempered Dynasty crew Marius! „ledz pady guys“ – TMPRD


Filmed by Sean Falkenstein, Chris Bracamonte, Kym Grosser, Pat Freyne, James Pease, Bevan Cowan, Jake Deering, Marius Winter, Jaxon Andrawartha & Alex Liiv / Edited by Alex Liiv

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Marius Dietsche – TMPRD Dynasty Crew

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