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No Jumper – The DJ Two Stacks & Nedarb Nagrom Interview

For the 8th episode of No Jumper I had two of my DJ/producer homies on for a frank discussion of just about everything from the extremely serious (mass shootings, parenthood) to the deeply immature (buttholes).

DJ Two Stacks is perhaps best known for producing both Kreayshawn’s smash hit „Gucci Gucci“ as well as producing a child made up of approximately 50% her DNA. He’s an accomplished producer regardless of all that and has been making ever increasing waves with his new projects, Depressed Teenager and Snaked.

Ned is perhaps best known for the „Tears On My MPK“ instrumental tape that he did with Xavier Wulf although he’s also done songs for Black Kray and various other underground celebrities. Ned hasn’t impregnated anyone yet although not for lack of trying.

00:20 Becoming a meth addicted truck driver
05:00 Grabbing Carmen Electra’s boobs
10:00 The Virginia massacre and social media
14:00 What’s it like being a DJ in LA?
15:00 Fred Durst
23:00 Two Stack produced Krayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”. We talk about how that worked out for him
27:00 What their lives are like daily
33:00 Getting a DUI
37:00 Ned makes me watch a gross video and then I debunk it
40:00 Ned loves buttholes
44:30 Herpes scares and babies
49:00 Dating a famous woman and dealing with crazy stalkers
52:00 The instrumental mixtape Ned did with Xavier Wulf
55:30 How to get rappers to use your beats
1:03:00 Being in it for the love
1:04:00 Depressed Teenager
1:07:00 Early influences
1:12:00 Lil B & The Pack
1:14:30 Posting a #wcw/sliding in the DMs
1:22:00 Falling in love at Ham
1:25:00 “Fuck Yelawulf”
1:31:00 Shout outs
1:34:53 Snaked – “Paul Stanley





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No Jumper – The DJ Two Stacks & Nedarb Nagrom Interview

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