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No Jumper – The Grant Cobb Interview

Check out my interview with acclaimed tattoo artist and overall mad man, Grant Cobb courtesy of No Jumper. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/nastymondayz 

02:00 What were you like as a kid?
07:15 “More than 50% of everything you’ve ever heard from a tattooer is a lie”
09:40 Have you ever misspelled a tattoo?
11:30 Moving to LA to work for Bob Roberts
16:00 Are you closed minded about tattoos?
19:00 Has Instagram taken over the tattoo world?
22:00 How does being a classically trained artist shape your view of tattooing?
31:50 What is it like getting chicks as a tattoo artist?
34:35 Grant talks about some dude he beat up the other day
36:00 Seeing Paris Hilton naked in real life
38:15 Grant’s insane story about the time a condom broke when he was 16
46:55 The mace story
52:45 Sexual experience with a snake
55:00 Grant’s story about tattooing a morbidly obese porn star
1:04:00 Grant’s thoughts on PMA
1:09:00 Advice for young people just starting to get tattooed
1:12:45 Will you tattoo till you die?


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No Jumper – The Grant Cobb Interview

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