No Jumper – The Shop Jeen Interview

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When I started doing these No Jumper podcasts I knew that I had to get the Shop Jeen girls on the show. I met Erin and Ameelia by chance a few years back and ever since I’ve been amazed by the business that they’ve built out of nothing but hard work and a deep understanding of their audience. In between talking business we found time to examine professional wrestling, boys, the mall and hanging out in the sewer. Sit your ass down and tune in to some real talk with 2 of the smartest young ladies you will ever meet.


1:00 We discuss Lil Mama and Lil Bow Wow
3:45 What are the biggest challenges Shop Jeen faces right now as a business?
5:45 Have you been through media training?
8:20 Everyone discusses their ethnicities
10:30 Opening an LA office
12:15 How Shop Jeen used to run the Instagram popular page
15:15 We talk about hanging out in the sewer
18:15 How do you deal with the stress
21:55 Would you guys do a reality show?
23:00 Do you have male Shop Jeen thots?
23:55 Erin demonstrates impressive professional wrestling knowledge
28:50 Are you a juggalo?
32:00 How much do you guys go out and party?
35:20 Do you guys have boyfriends?
39:25 Do you have a hard time balancing being edgy with being good role models?
42:00 Do you remember when you first realized you had the entrepreneurial mindset?
44:00 Do you relate to the term “feminist”?
48:20 Do you consider yourself famous?
52:10 Kanye or Kim?
53:50 Caitlin Jenner
57:00 Do you respond to the criticism and hate online?
59:30 What are your favorite things to do at the mall?
1:00:30 Have you received cease and desists from brands?
1:08:00 Do you have a list of wrestlers you want to date in the future?