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TCU TV – Push It A Stop: The Filmer’s Podcast

Tony Ennis, John Hicks and Christian Rigal talk with host Scott Marceau about their experience in BMX from behind (and in front of) the lens and peruse through the many noteworthy videos they have produced.

0:34 – „Still Searchin'“ (End Search sequel that never happened)

1:40 – Christian talks about a sequel to Markit Zero and his new RED camera

5:47 – Hicks speaks

7:13 – Christian talks about dividing time between camera and bike and his newfound passion and respect for still photography

11:46 – Tony talks about his current projects and the Garrett Reynolds Red Bull video

14:34 – „Did you ever think you’d be in the position you’re in now as filmers?“

18:38 – Tony talks about his riding career and what gets him psyched and filming Deadline with dying cameras

22:31 – The importance of music in editing

28:47 – We talk about the diminishing amount of physical DVD’s being made

30:14 – Christian talks about filming with Tate Roskelly in 2009 and a video of a 14 year old Chad Kerley

34:14 – We talk about how Connor Lodes shot a cover of RideBMX and how Christian trusts him and Chad to film when he’s riding

37:19 – Everyone talks about their first cameras

41:18 – Reader questions (fish or long? any formal education in video? craziest thing that’s ever happened while out filming? (funny story about Mike Jonas) how does it feel when you eat shit filming? How long do you spend editing any given video? favorite editing software?

50:29 – Do you do video work outside of BMX?

52:40 – Tony alludes to a second Deadline video

53:57 – Export settings

57:12 – Rollerblades / filming boards

58:37 – Post production habits

1:01:46 – Preferred shutter speed?

1:04:32 – Rokinon / Pro Optic / off-brand fisheyes are sharpest at f/8

1:05:24 – Getting shit stolen

1:07:57 – Getting insurance for your gear

1:09:18 – Tripods

1:13:09 – Left eye or right eye?

1:14:38 – Christian’s bag(s)

1:18:30 – Tony’s bag

1:21:38 – Hicks‘ gear

1:22:44 – Advice to beginners

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TCU TV – Push It  A Stop: The Filmer’s Podcast

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