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TCU TV: Push It A Stop – Vince Perraud Interview

French photographer Vince Perraud was in town a few weeks ago working on some personal projects and dedicated a couple hours of his time (on his birthday, no less) to sit down and talk with us. When I say „us“, there were so many people that wanted to be a part of this interview while there are only so many seats and microphones. Oddly enough, I was the only one who hadn’t met Vince before and therefore had the least business being in there. We subbed between myself, Chris Mortenson and Jeremy Pavia while Gutstains held it down and Reed Stark was there to share some stories from a rider’s perspective. Vince was a bit nervous and unsure how everything would go having a less-than-perfect grasp of the English language so we implemented some brain softener and upheld a more relaxed environment (and an untraditional format) to make sure everything would go as smoothly as possible.

1:30 – The challenge of breaking into a new scene

2:29 – Reed’s introduction

3:00 – Starting in BMX

4:35 – Growing up in a small town in France

5:14 – Mortenson pops bottles

5:45 – From bikes to cameras via knee injury

7:11 – Inspired by Manu Sanz

8:41 – Dealing with shotty equipment

11:51 – THE LIGHT

13:14 – Having an Instagram photo on the cover of RideUK

14:13 – First cover (Soul Magazine)

15:30 – His latest cover (RideBMX)

18:39 – Vince’s take on the death of print

20:09 – The challenge of being French

25:45 – Mortenson steps in, talks about nude women

28:04 – Having an assistant then not having an assistant

29:23 – Shooting without flashes

32:05 – Shooting events (Simple Session)

33:18 – Moving on from BMX

35:54 – The many variables in photography

40:14 – More about the Instagram photo that made the cover of RideUK

42:04 – „Do you do any video work?“

42:20 – Guts‘ favorite Vince photo

44:08 – The infamous fisheye pool photo on the cover of Soul

48:36 – Waiting to put out photos instead of posting online

53:42 – Pavia steps in

55:08 – „What drives you?“

56:41 – „What is your end goal in photography?“

58:27 – „Have you „made it“?“

1:00:45 – One camera and lens setup for life, what would you choose?

1:02:56 – „How much value do you place on social media?“

1:04:53 – „BMX is so small“

1:06:24 – Three pieces of advice for the emerging amateur photographer

1:08:30 – Where do you see photography going?

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TCU TV: Push It A Stop – Vince Perraud Interview

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