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TCU TV: The Common Crew Interview

Sauce and Francis of The Common Crew talk about their upcoming DVD „Monster Mash“ and much more with Adam22 and Catfish. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1gYdZLu

We experienced some technical difficulties during the Common Crew podcast and as a result we lost the first half hour where we talked to Sauce and Julian about their trip to China. But fortunately the second half of the show where Francis Castro joined Saucey to discuss the formation of The Common Crew and their upcoming DVD, „Monster Mash“ which they’ve been working on for a few years was kept intact. Some notes:

00:22: What was the first iteration of the Common Crew?

02:06: Where did you guys ride at since Huntington doesn’t have a park?

02:56: What made you interested in filming in the first place?

04:00: Adam’s story of how he met Sauce

06:33: How did the idea for a DVD come together?

08:00: How close are you to having it done now?

08:29: Who is going to have full sections?

12:17: Who were you guys influenced by to make a DVD?

12:55: Stylistically, Francis, who would you say you most want to emulate as a filmer?

13:32: Will there be juggalos in the video?

14:12: Do you guys just ride that one school in Huntington all the time?

15:20: How big of an influence was Dakota on you guys growing up?

18:23: Has there been anyone who was supposed to have a part in the video but then didn’t?

18:48: How does it feel to have an amazing concrete park in your city that you’re not allowed to ride?

20:27: Is there an overall goal that you guys have with The Common Crew?

22:48: Sauce got his braces off 8 hours before this podcast.

23:57: Adam talks about how kids should go about making a name for their crew

28:26: Let’s hear about the time you got fucked up in China and lost your iPhone 6 and your chicken.

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TCU TV: The Common Crew Interview

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