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Yumi Tsukuda Clips + Bike Check!

We met up with Yumi to get the run down on his current setup. He had one request, we must film it next to some boats. Yumi loves boats.

Frame: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/frames/savage-frame-justin-spriet-edition/
Fork: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/forks/fk-1-0/
Bars: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/bars/begin-4pc-bar/
Stem: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/stems/hango-stem/
Tires: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/tires/faf-tire-2-25/
Sprocket: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/sprockets/key-guard-sprocket/
Cranks: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/cranks/indent-24-cranks/
Seatpost: https://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/long-johnson-pivotal-seatpost/
Pegs: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/pegs/og-pegs/
Pedals: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/pedals/mac-pc-pedals/

Featuring: Yumi Tsukuda @yumingrow
Filmed & Edited: Sauce

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Yumi Tsukuda Clips + Bike Check!

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