20 Years Of NORA Cup… A Video Recap

We’ll be rolling out footage from the 20th annual NORA Cup all this week, but first…a little history.

20 years of spilled beers. 20 years of hangovers. 20 years of epic nights. Somewhat unbelievably, the Ride family (NORA started with Snap mag) has been doing NORA Cup for 20 years. If you didn’t already know, NORA stands for Number One Rider Award and it’s where BMX’s pros come together to vote on the rider who they think has been killing it the most in the last year. We give NORA Cups away in the following categories: Ramp, Dirt, Street, Flat, Race, Video Part, Web Video Part, and Video.

But that’s boring…what is always the best part of NORA Cup are the unexpected and legendary presenters, the aforementioned beer, and a lack of control. Check this two minute recap of all the footage I could find (the earliest coming from 2001)…


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