2014 Nora Cup BMX Awards Highlights

Whether you weren’t able to make it out to Nora Cup, or you’re just having a hard time remembering the night, this video highlights all the feel-good moments from the amazing time we had about a week ago. One part a testament to the BMX party that is Nora Cup, and one part a promo to get you to show up and not miss out next year…

Mike Rooftop Escamilla hosts and awards Tyler Fernengel with Reader’s Choice Cup
Jeff Harrington awards Mike Hucker Clark with #1 Dirt Rider Cup
Josh Stricker awards Garrett Reynolds with #1 Street Rider Cup
Mark Eaton awards Alex Jumelin with #1 Flatlander Cup
Joe Simon awards Garrett Reynolds with #1 Web Video Part Cup
Dave Osato awards Chase Hawk with #1 Ramp Rider Cup
Bob Scerbo awards Markit BMX with #1 Video Cup
Garrett Byrnes awards Van Homan with #1 Video Part Cup

Texas Toast Winners:

Gauntlet of Death – Corey Walsh

Dirt – 1st: Mike „Hucker“ Clark
2nd: Anthony Napolitan
3rd: Chris Doyle

Street – 1st: Dennis Enarson
2nd: Garrett Reynolds
3rd: Connor Lodes

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