25 Questions with Adam LZ

0:08 My halfpipe’s dimensions
0:49 Why I sold my car
1:16 My age and years riding
1:48 CT/FL — My living situation
2:17 What is Froth?
2:48 Bike parts for sale
3:20 Extra trick tips
3:53 Shoutouts
4:16 Shit talkers
4:59 Me and DECO
5:28 Thoughts on scootering
6:12 Why I moved to Florida
6:39 Free Stickers
7:14 Why I closed http://LZBMX.com
7:41 Why slushies/gummy worms over drugs/alcohol?
8:51 Order questions
9:53 Planned travel destinations
10:47 My height
10:56 Why I don’t go pro
11:58 T-Shirt company advice
12:51 Thoughts on boqer123
13:09 Injuries
13:43 Parents supporting BMX
14:43 Why my hub is so loud
15:21 Tricks that I don’t like
You guys asked me a bunch of questions on twitter and facebook, and I did my best to pick the 25 that were most popular or that I felt the need to address.
Thanks for watching! It took a while to make a time-map for the whole video, but I figured it would save you guys some time so you can just skip to questions that you find relevant. Please chime in with a comment and be sure to hit that like button!!!

Note* „Travel locations“ and „Use subject form“ should be swapped. Sorry, it is difficult to edit and proof-check a 20 minute video!

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