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The 989 crew’s ‚Our Video‘ full length features full parts from Alex McTaggart, Jonathon Dietz, Trent Lutzke, Gage Keller, Grant Ueberroth, and plenty of local friends. The Michigan scene has been a source of a ton of talent over the years, with the 989 crew proving that the next crop is ready to leave their mark too. Consider this your formal introduction and keep your eyes peeled for these kids in 2016!

„The 989crew is based out of Bay City, Michigan. Located half way up the mitten state resting in the pocket of your thumb if you were looking at your hand. Michigan is harsh and the weather is unpredictable if we’re lucky we get 6-7 months out of the year to ride outdoors. As far as riding indoors we have a 2 hour drive south to the Detroit area where the majority of the Michigan scene is from. For this years project we set out to explore some of the major Midwest cities including Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati,
Detroit, Grand Rapids, and a handful of small towns throughout Michigan. The highlight of filming for this video was the trek to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s hard to put into words the experience of going up there. It’s like no other place you could go to in the states. The spots are insane up there and I can see why BK and Tony Neyer traveled up there years ago. Filming for this project has been a big learning experience, nothing has came easy and I didn’t even know how to use a camera 2 years ago. I’ve got a lot of my inspiration from The Michigan Video crew. Our scene needs people that put out videos it keeps kids stoked on BMX. I’ve seen a rise in my local area of kids that come out to the parks. For the most part everyone in the state is really supportive of what we are doing and that’s what keeps us going. The plans are heavy for next year and you can keep up with us on Instagram @989crew. Thanks to Dig and Devin Feil for this exclusive.“ -Alex McTaggart

Filmed and edited by Alex McTaggart – Follow the @989crew on Instagram

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