Adam LZ 2013 Summer Mix

This summer has been filled with numerous tiny injuries that have been the biggest pain in the ass ever. A few months ago I folded my foot on a ledge and it still hasn’t healed to its fullest, but I dealt with it and rode anyway. I just recently dislocated my finger and that wasn’t too awesome either. Regardless I really wanted to make one last edit before I move down to Florida (less than a month away) so I managed to get a few clips here and there which culminated into this edit. I owe a ton to Wallingford Bike Barn for all the help and support over my years in CT so I would like to give them a huge thank you for everything. Most of all, thank you guys for watching our videos and for supporting everything we do. Its been a great journey riding bikes in the NorthEast these past years and I like to look at the move to Florida as a new beginning rather than the end. No matter where I am or how old I get I will always be riding bikes and making videos, its what I love. So once again, thank you everyone and I know it sounds corny as fuck but…
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