Adam LZ Car Check: e92 BMW 335i

Full walk around, exhaust clips, and a quick review of this car as a whole. This is one of the most requested videos EVER – I hope it lives up to your expectations! Ask me questions and I’ll answer :)
(Things I forgot in the video below).

How a 335i changed my life –

I forgot to mention a few things….
– 2008 BMW 335i with 83,000 miles. I bought it two years ago with about 63,000 miles. N54 FTW
– I chose not to tint the windows because I like being able to see the red interior through the glass :)
– I don’t plan on doing much else to the car performance wise because I’m happy with where it is at… And I don’t plan on keeping the car forever so any additional mods I’ll lose quite a bit of money on when I sell the car.
-The car is 100% overpowered for the way it handles and drives. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, but like I said, in Florida we barely have any turns so it’s not a big deal.
-I forgot to mention I do also have an OEM BMW Short Shift Kit.
-I had the intake valves walnut blasted almost immediately and it made a HUGE difference in the idle and smoothness of the throttle. The before/after pictures were nuts – I used Daniel Lilly who does it all over central florida.
_ Beware as the yearly cost of ownership on these cars is usually in the thousands. Lots of things break, and when they do just the parts (labor excluded) will run you a fortune.

Overall I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone that’s helped me in some way/shape/form with this car including….
-Jimmy Oakes (getting the car)
-Nicole Frye (emotional support)
-EFI Logics (tune)
-BC Racing (coilovers)
-Active Autoworker (CP/BOV)
-John Squartino (polishing/hardware)
-Osceola Speed Tire (hundreds of alignments)
-Daniel Lilly (maitainence/things I can’t figure out)

Thanks for watching :)