Adam LZ – Riding for David Metzger

I never personally knew David, but according to his friend Kameron I was “his absolute favorite rider. He would sit in school and have webisodes on replay constantly”. Any fan is a friend to me, so I was hurt when I heard about his death (which was actually from an enlarged heart, not cardiac arrest). When I asked what I could do, they mentioned a shoutout in a webisode, but I didn’t think that was good enough. I wanted to do this video right, so it took a while for me to pick a skatepark, get my friend Brett out to film, and find the time to edit. Huge thanks goes to Radbourne Skatepark for temporarily opening and giving us the opportunity to film. The song is “Right Back at it Again” by A Day to Remember, which may strike you as a bit odd. ADTR was one of David’s favorite bands (and is also one of mine), so I thought it would only be right to use an ADTR song. RIP David Metzger
My thoughts go out to all his family and friends.
Remembrance Instagram – @Rest.In.Peace.David