Ask Adam LZ: Freecoasters Vs. Cassettes

Should you make the switch to a coaster? What tricks will be easier? Will it make some things harder? I answer all this in addition to telling some of the general benefits and negatives I’ve noticed after riding mine for the past 3 months!
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I’ve been wanting to make this video since the day I got my coaster! There were a lot of suprises, good and bad, when I made the switch and I’ve been wanting to tell you guys some way! I thought it was only right to wait until I had been riding it for a few months so I could give a more accurate review. I really like making these videos because it gives me an opportunity to talk about a subject and offer my insight where I really can’t in other videos. I have a few more ideas for these, including my opinion on Street vs. Park, but feel free to give some more suggestions below! Once I get another GoPro (I had to send mine back for glitches) I’m hoping to get to a 2 video per week schedule with one riding video and one „Ask Adam LZ“ or weekly update. I really value your opinion so please give me suggestions and input in the comments section. Also feel free to answer other people’s questions, I think it’s awesome when the comments section looks like a helpful forum. Thanks guys for watching :)