Finally! Episode 6 of the In The Volvo featuring the one and only Austin Augie. Full disclosure, this episode was shot at the end of January—a week before RideBMX as we knew it was no more. Fast forward through a few months of limbo and sorting out what the hell we were going to do, and here we are—back In The Volvo, for Our BMX. Our guest Mr. Aughinbaugh is currently living it up, traveling the world as a model working for some of the biggest names in the fashion world, riding pro for Fit, and he’s a YouTube vlogsmith, as well. Austin has his hand in multiple pots at once, but despite the bad rap he occasionally gets, the dude checks out. Love him or hate him, here’s your chance to get to the core of Austin Augie—and keep in mind that this episode was shot a few months back, so some things may no longer be current.

Glenn Salyer’s footage courtesy of Dylan Thayer, and originally featured in The Way Out.

3:00: Austin’s life changing opportunity.

8:00: Moving to New York and living in a box—not a literal box.

9:30: Breaking into the fashion world.

12:00: “Becoming an adult.”

13:45: Work and riding balance.

16:20: The beginning of the vlog and YouTube channel.

19:36: Getting respect as a vlogger from his peers.

22:45: That YouTube money…

25:37: Three vloggers at the same spot.

27:35: A documentarian who captures the scene.

29:19: Stint as a solar panel salesman in Compton.

32:15: Got on Fit as rider, not because of his YouTube following.

32:30: Winning Monster Street Series in Chicago.

33:34: Glenn Salyers passing.

35:20: Went on an S&M trip, got on Fit.

35:37: Being hungry to get sponsored.

39:05: The $50,000 job that got away.

41:30: Having confidence and not giving a fuck what people have to say.

42:00: Still being a rider who pushes himself.

42:35: How he actually got on Fit.

44:37: Austin spots Jim Greco skating a spot on the side of the road and we pull over.

46:39: BMX bike riding footage.


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