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Behind the Video – Bjarki Hardarson

You’ve probably seen Bjarki Hardarson’s name popping up on the internet quite a bit lately.

First he was added to the Subrosa, and then soon after dropped a BANGIN Welcome video (Seen here https://youtu.be/d6r3cQy51QI)

Then Swampfest came along and he proceeded to shred everything and was the only rider to make it across the Subrosa Swamp Rail!

Now he’s back to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the crashes, smashes, struggles and glory that went into the making of his welcome video.

Filmed By
Jabe Jones- https://www.instagram.com/jabejones/
Jona Jahchan- https://www.instagram.com/jonajahchan/

Edited By
Bjarki Hardarson- https://www.instagram.com/bjarkiharda…
Jona Jahchan- https://www.instagram.com/jonajahchan/


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