It’s father’s day so I figured I would dedicate this video to my family but my Dad in particular. My Dad has had taught me so much and he also paved the way for me to be where I am today and honestly with out his constant support I would not be typing this description for this video right now and never would have gotten an X Games medal! My Dad overcame so much adversity and he fought to get my whole family to where it is right now and i am so proud of him for that. I figured I would have him tell you the story of how he went from being dead broke to opening up the longest running indoor skatepark in probably the whole world! I am so inspired by his drive and story and I am sure it will inspire you guys also. We took a drive over to our Bike shop and met my whole family there to have an awesome morning together and my Brother’s 3 year old son was riding a 16 inch bike for the first time and he was doing some awesome skids and even went down some crazy make shift ramp made of old scrap wood! We had such an awesome father’s day and I hope all of you Dad’s out there had a great one also!