Big boy tried to dye his hair and the result wasn’t exactly what he had planned so he shaved the mop off his head! A week later the blue is still in his hair and needed to be shaved again! So he decided that it would be a perfect time to make another video about me customizing his hair like I did when we were in Florida a year ago! I got the buzzer and a razor and got ready to take on the challenge, and it was quite the challenge since I lost a lot of fine control since my accident. So I started out the haircut by shaving his triangle tattoo into the right side of his head! Then I worked my way to the back of his head where I shaved the grind rail where he Spinaled on back in the beginning of the channel! After that I went to the other side of his head and shaved „SKETCHY“ his nickname! Then for the final I decided to put an arrow on his head that started from the center of his four head and went back to his rear of his head! When all was said and done the haircut turned out to be pretty insane! My parents could not believe that he let me do it to to him and honestly I couldn’t either!