We made it to California! We are spending the week in Huntington Beach for the Vans BMX competition at the US surf open! Matty Cranmer, Big Boy, Trey Jones, and myself are out here ready to have an epic week and we are filming the whole thing! The trip started out with a bang as Big Boy, not even 100 ft away from the house we are staying at, got all jacked up on adrenaline and tried to nose manual the median of a highway and then someone spotted Big Boy yelled his name as he crashed into Trey and flipped the handlebars right into the Pacific coast highway! OMG! it was the most epic thing I have ever seen!! Big Boy was in a ton of pain but due to all the girls pointing and laughing in Bikinis he got up and rode away bruised but not broken! Such an amazing start to the week and we plan on uploading a new video every day for you guys! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!