We took a trip over to Woodbridge skate park to ride for the day. Five of us got up early ready to ride and when we rolled up to the park we realized it was locked! We needed to kill time so we drove to another skate park not far away but that skate park was closed as well! After waiting a couple hours the park was finally open to ride so we got to work and big boy started things off with a flair Challenge and he feeble grinded the tallest ledge to 180 immediately after! Mike did some amazing technical tricks with a very clean style of riding! Cory came along and did some amazing stalls on the back railing! BK did an amazing double tail whip to tire tap on the half pipe! Big boy crashed a couple times and it was wearing him down but he still kept going with a smile on his face excited to ride this awesome skate park! We had so much fun and we are excited to go back there someday soon!