Day 7 of our California trip was an off day for competition but Big Boy took on his own challenge and decided he was going to battle it out with a new trick the front flip drop in! After coming really close the day before, his confidence was sky high but still he had a couple things he wanted to change to prepare for the front flip. We went to his favorite breakfast place then headed over to the beach to relax and become one with the beach/front flip. After that we took the ride over to the location of the trick. Big Boy got straight to business and started getting mentally ready for the challenge he tried the front flip and came close but he slid out on the sand so w decided to dig in a little deeper to the harder dirt so he can ride away easier. But what we didn’t realize was that the harder the ground is the harder the fall was going to be… Big Boy came charging the drop in and didn’t get the best jump but it was too late for turning back so he tried his best and landed directly on his butt! It was rough! He was making crazy noises and he was in a lot of pain for a few minutes and he was nervous that he had pooped his pants! After using a port o potty he decided he was all good and wanted to try it again! I said NO WAY and we both decided to wait another day! We will see if Big Boy can finally settle the score soon enough! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!