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Cult’s Trey Jones is always doing his own thing and we’ve always been big fans of that. The same comes for his bike setup as this thing isn’t your average looking whip. We got our man Stew Johnson over to Florida to catch some footage of Trey tearing it up at home on that super fun looking ramp setup in his backyard. Cue the hair metal tunes!

Cult Crew Trey Jones Stone Cold Frame –

Cult Trey Jones Stone Cold Bars –

Shadow Chula Grips –!/Chula-Grip/p/17217183/category=1677271

Shadow Stem, Forks, Tires, Rims –

Shadow Trey Jones Seat –!/Trey-Jones-Series-4-Penumbra-Solus-Seat/p/53626083/category=1677304

Shadow Align Sprocket –!/Align-Sprocket/p/48142580/category=1677280

Shadow Supreme Chain –!/Interlock-Supreme-Chain/p/48142576/category=1677279

Shadow Ravager Pedals –!/Ravager-Plastic-Pedal/p/6958375/category=1677285

Shadow Trey Jones Killer Cranks –!/Killer-Cranks/p/39658295/category=1677284

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