BMX: ATXliens | Ride BMX

Charlie Crumlish decided to trick his friends.. and now ATXliens have invaded earth!

Riding from: Jake Seeley, Tom Dugan, Matt Nordstrom, Brett Silva, Kareem Williams, Brandon Begin, Craig Passero, Mag-Wheel Guy, and many many more.

There’s so much to be said about this glimpse into the weird and revered Austin, TX scene. So many inside jokes and mind trips woven into the fabric of this video that you’ll have to watch at least 3 times. Here’s Charlie’s description of how he tricked his friends..

“Over the winter I started to notice that we only filmed Instagram clips when we were out riding. Lots of good shit was happening but overall it felt like we weren’t working on anything solid or somewhat permanent. So I decided to trick my friends.

It was easy. If we were out riding and anyone wanted me to shoot an Instaclip of them, I’d tell them I would film it on the real camera and send them the clip later that evening, Naturally everyone forgot what they’d shot by the time we were done riding, and the edit folder continued to grow. A few dodged text messages later, here we are. Sorry guys! I’ll send y’all the clips now that the edit is done. ATXliens have invaded earth.” – Charlie Crumlish
Video by Charlie Crumlish