BMX: Dan Lacey – Mic’d Up at The Street Series: Chicago

Lacey is one straight-forward, funny mother fucker. So, when I strapped to a mic to him at the beginning of the Chicago stop of The Street Series, I knew this would end up being a long edit. From dealing with security, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, and talking a bit of shit, Lacey pretty much had commentary for everything. Besides a couple of missed clips at the last spot (I had to go get something to drink), I think this video does a pretty proper job of showing all the good times that were had in Chicago. Thanks to Monster for organizing this, Kachinsky for doing the ground work, Lacey for being a part of this, and all the locals for coming out and making #bmxday a huge success.

Rest in peace, Glenn Salyer…

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Film/edit: Ryan Fudger