BMX: Dew Tour Street Practice – Day One

Dew Tour Chicago kicked off at 11am this morning, with some of the best of the world hitting the Grant Park (plus a few extra add ons). To be honest, the park is pretty underwhelming…for an event at least. There’s not much on the burly side and even the Dew Tour additions are pretty pussy-fied. But hey, the dudes are still killing it (as you’ll see), so I’m sure it’ll be a good time.

Side note, I had a flight nightmare and had to sleep (I use that term loosely) in an airport last night and my bag with my video handle in it is still MIA, so there’s some shaky footage in this. Filming lines with a handheld DSLR and wired on nothing but caffeine is hard. Forgive me. And shouts to the random hula-hoop girl that showed up out of nowhere and tried to kiss everyone.

Film/edit: Ryan Fudger

Check the Dew Tour live stream on Saturday 6/20 at 4:30pm ET and Sunday 6/21 12:30pm ET!