BMX – Odyssey’s Linear Slic Kable

We are dedicated to improving our cable’s technical features, so we recently began selling all of our Linear Slic Kable® with our new K-Shield™ housing. This new design greatly improves the housing’s compression strength. To illustrate the difference we performed a test. As you can see, all „linear“ cables are not created equal. The Odyssey Linear Slic Kable® with K-Shield™ has a compression strength that is nearly 70% greater than its nearest competitor. What this means for you is longer cable life and improved reliability.

When it comes to cables, don’t fall for the same old sales pitch. They’re not all the same. We know that you’ll appreciate the long life of these cables as much as we do. K-Shield™ is included on every Linear Slic Kable® that we make.

Linear Slic Kable® housing with K-Shield™

Our long history with brake cable innovation can be traced back to the launch of our first Slic Kables® and Gyro® Cables in 1986. Over the years we have continued to make improvements to size, fit and performance. We’ve gone on to release products like the BrakeLine Slic Kable® in 1998 with a special Teflon® coated inner-wire to greatly reduce cable friction. We also released the original Linear Slic Kable® in 2003, which went on to change the way that riders look at detanglers. This design used the first derailleur-based housing with a BMX-style inner wire, allowing riders to do a barspin or tailwhip without having to worry about the cable binding up. Since that time nearly every brand has followed in our footsteps, releasing their own „linear“ cables, which in most cases are a design that is simply rebranded straight out of cable manufacturer’s catalog.

In 2008 we began to include volcano ferrules with every Linear Slic Kable that we sold. These specialty ferrules helped to prevent the housing from blowing out unexpectedly. In response, we would often hear from riders that they didn’t know why our cables were better, but for some reason they always seemed to last longer. Part of the reason, of course, was the use of volcano ferrules.

As time moved on we also saw a desire for a lighter cable, so we released our Race Linear Slic Kable® earlier this year. This design uses a special mix of aluminum compression wires to lighten the housing. We also heard a call for us to bring back the friction-free BrakeLine cable around the same time, so we launched the Linear SLS® Slic Kable® in 2011 as well.

Simplifying braking performance has been a priority for us from the beginning, so we recently created the Linear Quik Slic Kable® with an integrated cable hanger. The Quik Slic is available now as an OEM part on Sunday complete bikes and it will be offered for sale separately in early 2012.
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