In honor of the 2016 Olympic games going on in Rio I decided to do an Olympic style challenge right here on the channel! 5 events with medals handed out for each and at the end of the week the person with the most gold medals and the most points accumulated will get $1,000 in cold hard cash! The first event required a partner,
synchronized BMX! We have never tried this before and to be honest it was so much fun! There were 4 teams of 2 ! Team Canada Matty and Big Boy! Team Italy Vinny Mannino and Dom Simoncini! Team USA/PUR Cory Berglar and myself! And team America BK and Ricky! We had to do 3 tricks in a line and they had to be in sync with each other and we were judged on difficulty and precision! We had so much fun but only one team was able to give themselves a head start in becoming $1,000 richer! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!