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We’ve been out in the Melbourne streets filming for this mixtape for more than year now, out in the cold or heat, day or night, exploring, riding and just enjoying this amazing city on our bikes. The Melbourne BMX scene is amazing and it is producing new talents everyday! This is 22 minutes of raw street riding, no bullshit, just the ZOO!

Featuring Dan Darcy, Adrian Fawks, Tom Stretton, Nick Harris, Max Gaertig, Rhys Yeomans, Mitch Hollins, Tasman Murray, Bodie Willson, Pierrick Hovette, Cal, Lachy Swanton, Cooper Brownlee, Pat Freyne, Jake Deering, Kym Grosser, Sean Falkenstein, Marnold, Adrian Barling, Byron Richardson, Matt Green, Jack Kelly, Mikey Creek, Pete Schifferle, Jesse Stravreski, Sam Wood, Jack Sunderland, Adam Stone, Hayden Vesey, Nathan Watts, Jax Anderson and Chris Finnigan.

Filmed & Edited by: Alex „Frenchie“ Coumailleau

Additional filming by the homies.