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„What’s up with Animal?“

-Everyone, 2015

Nobody has made much mention of it in the media, but it’s been a quiet couple of years for Animal. After over a decade as one of the top brands, things started to slow down a few years back and the rest of the BMX world was forced to talk amongst themselves about what was happening behind the scenes and why it was becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on Animal products. Rumors swirled. For guys like me who grew up on Animal, it was hard to comprehend.

Just over a month ago, Animal’s Instagram account began to light up with photos and videos indicating that the brand was ready to make a comeback of sorts, but details remained scarce. So imagine how surprised I was when I heard that Animal founder Ralph Sinisi was interested in coming all the way out to LA so that he could talk about everything Animal has gone through and what they have planned for 2016. Of course we had to spend some time talking about Ralph’s long career in BMX too but around the half way we took a bathroom break and when we started back up, I got down to brass tacks and asked Ralph for the real scoop on all of Animal’s financial and operational issues and what they’ve got coming up. Overall it was an awesome interview and I’m honored to have been a part of it, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Huge thanks to Catfish, Shane Rossi and Glenn PP Milligan for co-hosting as well as Ed Pollio for helping get this interview done.

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02:00 Don’t Quit Your Day Job
04:30 Getting started riding
08:00 The death of BMX
17:00 Street
21:30 Joe Tiseo
26:30 Nowhere Fast
35:00 FBM
42:00 Starting Animal
54:00 The first Animal video
1:02:00 Can I Eat
1:10:30 Joe Tiseo’s passing
1:16:00 Animal running into trouble financially
1:20:00 Shane Rossi
1:25:00 Trouble with the bank
1:36:00 Turning the corner
1:39:00 #theanimalhouse
1:44:00 Bob Scerbo leaving Animal
1:49:30 What do you think has made Animal so popular
1:51:00 Merritt and Mike Brennan leaving Animal
2:06:30 George D

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