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One of BMX’s heaviest hitters, Pat „Big Daddy“ Laughlin came on TCU TV to tell us his story. Subscribe:

Anyone who remembers the early days of the BMX Internet surely remembers the impact that Big Daddy had on the scene. Web video culture had yet to develop much personality, and then one day almost weekly we were being treated to the rantings and ravings of a pumped up jock calling himself Big Daddy and threatening to pick up everything in sight. The BMX community’s reaction was splintered; some riders bought in on the joke wholeheartedly and embraced the Big Daddy character while many others dismissed him entirely. What most people missed, at least at first, was that lurking beneath all the WWF style theatrics was an unbelievably talented BMX rider and one good ass dude.

Over the past few years, Big Daddy has made some big changes in his life, making the move to Salt Lake City and pursuing a career in dentistry, a drastic change that nobody saw coming. We got the scoop on the big changes in his life, his BMX roots and much more in this episode and we included a lot of awesome footage of Pat riding too.

Footage courtesy of Dylan Pfohl, SE Bikes and The Marination Bracket.

01:50: Where were you born and who were your early influences?

04:40: How did you end up with such a wacky riding style?

07:10: How do you think people perceive you in BMX and when did you become Big Daddy?

12:50: When did you really start getting known in BMX? Was it from doing the Daddy Vision web videos?

15:40: Catfish tells the story of when Big Daddy ruined some kid’s day during a live Dew Tour broadcast

22:37: What is your best jumping trick ever?

25:43: Why do you compare yourself to Eminem?

28:55: Did you get a negative reaction based on your web videos when they first started coming out? Did people not understand that you were just playing a character?

34:35: Have you slowed down a bit as you’ve gotten older?

35:15: When did you do your first 180 Derek Duster?

36:12 Do you think it’s weird that everyone rides so similarly these days in the contest scene?

38:32: You just got dropped by SE. What happened there?

40:30: Is it tough balancing riding and going to college studying dentistry?

41:45: Let’s talk about your fake Ferrari (include the footage of the car)

48:30: So tell us about going back to college and learning to build teeth

55:35: Talks about being dyslexic and how much harder it makes doing well in college

1:06:40: Is it weird between you and Todd Lyons since you lost your SE contract?

1:07:50: What does the future hold for Big Daddy?

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