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It was only a matter of time until we had Brian Kachinsky on TCU TV and a few weeks ago when he was in town for a GT trip, he swung by the store for a sit down. X Games had just formally dismissed BMX street just a day prior so we discussed that topic but we also spent a lot of time talking about all of the tricks Brian has invented and innovated over the years, all the legendary video parts he’s filmed and what exactly happened with The Bakery.

0:00:00: We discuss „The Group Chat“ which Kachinsky, Biz, Catfish and I are all members of

0:03:09: We discuss the removal of Street from X Games

0:05:30: We discuss the time Biz got kicked out of X Games for giving everyone the finger

0:14:00: We discuss Brian’s involvement with Rebel Jam this year and what that contest was all about

0:18:00: We discuss Brian’s Secret Recipe contest that went down a year and a half ago

0:20:35: Why did The Bakery get shut down?

0:26:00: What keeps you in Chicago instead of moving to LA?

0:27:40: We discuss how Brian and the Chicago BMX scene got bikes allowed in the new Chicago skatepark

0:33:45: You just made the move from DK to GT, why did you make the switch after 10 years on DK?

0:38:50: Tell us about the time period in your life when you were finishing your Aspire section and still finishing college, what was that time like?

0:44:10: When did you realize you could ride BMX as your career?

0:48:50: Talk about your Baco and etnies „Grounded“ sections, tell us about filming for those.

0:54:50: Tell us your El Toro stories

1:00:52: You did the first ever nollie gap to rail in your Props bio

1:03:25: What is it about you that you feel the need to do some of the scariest shit on a BMX bike?

1:08:45: How do you see yourself aging as a BMX rider? Are you going to go hard forever, or are you going to chill out at some point?

1:13:15: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1:14:37: We ask Brian a bunch of reader questions.

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Footage courtesy of TCU, Vans/Rebel Jam, Aspire, The Bakery and Props

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