BMX – TCU TV – The Cory Nastazio Interview

BMX – TCU TV – The Cory Nastazio Interview featuring Adam22, Biz and Catfish. Subscribe:

In the final minutes of this interview I say „I think this is the best podcast we’ve ever done“ and having now watched it a couple times, I am still comfortable with that assessment. I was excited to get Cory on the show but I had no idea he was going to keep it quite this real. He speaks candidly about sex, his love life, abusing drugs, Stephen Murray’s injury and we even managed to discuss BMX a little bit in between everything else. This is by far the most offensive, explicit interview we’ve ever posted, but I guess with Nasty in the house it couldn’t have gone any other way. Enjoy!

00:57 „What year did you learn to bunnyhop?“ „BUNNYHOP?“
02:00 Cory talks about how a guy tried to sell him meth outside the OSS store
03:10 Cory and I discuss a girl I used to hang out with who he met
06:20 Catfish shows Cory his penis
07:50 Cory tells us about his vasectomy and current sex life in extreme detail
16:18 „The only reason I’m even sponsored these days is because I pull fine bitches and I fuck more than anybody in BMX“
17:15 Cory talks about why his wife deleted his Instagram
19:30 We talk about getting rimjobs
23:20 Biz says that Cory went out partying with his friend and stole his car
25:00 Cory calls out the X Games for not inviting him
26:20 Cory used to hate Allan Cooke. „Smirkfuck“
28:00 Cory talks about BMX’s identity crisis
30:00 Why Cory doesn’t want his kid riding BMX
34:35 „Nasty used to bring a mouthguard to the bar“
39:00 Cory talks about Stephen Murray breaking his neck
44:00 What’s your relationship with BMX like these days?
45:30 Cory talks about the car accident that put him in a coma for 35 days
50:00 Catfish and Biz say that Cory is riding better now at 37 than he has ever ridden before
51:00 Xavier Wulf shows up and says hi real quick
52:20 Cory got introduced to me because I talked shit to Chris Duncan
58:00 Cory gives his advice to young BMX riders
59:35 Cory calls out people who follow him on Instagram and don’t like his pictures
1:01:00 Cory accuses me of buying followers
1:07:40 Cory says nobody has ever beat him at arm wrestling

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