BMX – TCU TV – The Desmond „Blackman“ Rhodes Interview

We interviewed Brooklyn’s very own BMX icon, Desmond „Blackman“ Rhodes for this week’s TCU TV. Subscribe:

This week we are honored to present an interview with Brooklyn’s very own BMX icon, Desmond „Blackman“ Rhodes. I met him right after I moved to New York in 2004, right around the time he burst onto the BMX scene with the cover of Ride and a section in the 3rd Animal video.

If you wanted to know what Blackman has been up to since then, you’d have been hard pressed to find any information. That all ends today. We got Black to tell us all of the juicy details and whether you agree with his rendition of the events or not (something tells me Edwin and Glenn PP are going to fall into the second category), you’re definitely going to want to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The Blackman interview.

2:53: How did you get started riding a BMX bike?

5:00: How did you get the nickname Blackman?

7:40: Why do you say you feel like you were born to ride BMX?

10:40: Blackman talks about what’s wrong with the NYC scene

13:50: Blackman talks about getting the cover of Ride when he was 16

18:25: We talk about filming for Living In Exile and how he feels Glenn PP wronged him

22:08: Did you steal a wheel from Dave Mirra?

27:13: I call Blackman out for stealing bikes from fans and he talks about fleeing NYC for Alabama

33:00: Blackman talks about living at Post Bikes in Brooklyn and his dramatic departure

36:50: We talk about why Blackman wasn’t in the Skavenger DVD

39:10: How did you end up getting 1.4 million views on your most recent video?

41:40: Why are your pants always hanging off your ass so far?

44:15: We talk about the brutal fall Blackman took when he came on Megatour 8 with The Come Up and we discuss the insane Brownsville rail hop he did

47:20: How Blackman met Nigel and why they stopped

49:27: Blackman talks about filming the first ever AM:PM video of him in Downtown NYC riding over cars

52:15: I explain how Blackman was the reason I started The Come Up

53:30: Blackman explains why he fed an energy shot to a dog in a web video and he blames it on Prodigy of Mobb Deep

59:30: We all attempt to discuss The Kardashians

1:02:50: Do you feel like you’re happy and comfortable with where you’re at in life?

1:09:36: We listen to Blackman’s song “Hood Happy Bitch”

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