BMX – TCU TV – The Erik Elstran & Rob Diquattro Interview

Erik Elstran and Rob Diquattro came out to LA for a week of BMX. I didn’t really think I was going to be able to get them to do TCU TV, Rob because of saltiness and Erik due to shyness, but by the end of their trip Scott and I convinced them to come on and let us interview them. And I’m really fucking thankful they did because this is definitely one of the best interviews we’ve ever done. Instead of covering the usual topics we had an in depth conversation about our shared love for BMX. These guys have an incredibly positive, unique mind state towards riding bikes and the energy is palpable in this video.

I also went the extra mile and transcribed this entire thing (which took fucking forever) so that our non-English speaking fans can watch it. Just play the video and click the „CC“ button then select your language and it should work. Thanks in advance to anyone who listens, let us know what you think in the comments!

1:08: Do you love BMX and if so what does that mean?

2:25: Rob have you seen a change in Erik’s riding over the years?

4:42: What drives you guys to do scary ass shit?

8:01: Can we talk about the curved wallride to bush landing?

8:56: Is BMX funny enough?

13:15: Erik at what point did you realize you wanted to do such different bike tricks?

17:08: When you show up to a spot do you already know what you want to do or do you have to session it to figure out what might work?

20:20: Does your mentality on BMX relate to playing video games?

22:30: Erik talks about riders today staying within their comfort zone

25:32: They discuss their strategy of treating serious tricks like jokes

36:00: Rob why did you almost not release your legendary Chedit video?

39:40: Are kids too thirsty these days?

43:00: Rob,why do you relate to Eminem so much?

44:25: Thoughts on Cali spots vs the spots you ride where you live?

49:00: Editing can make the most serious session ever seem silly and vice versa

52:20: If you weren’t riding BMX would you find some other way to punish your body?

53:00: We watch the entire “Shit People Say When Kicking You Out Of Spots” video

57:10: You guys are strong proponents of filming on your phones whenever possible

59:10: Do people take spots too seriously in BMX?

1:04:11: “I’ve never done an uprail”

1:07:30: Have you ever done any painful ABDs?

1:09:50: How do you feel about the dry ice?

1:15:00: Rob talks about watching rollerblading videos

1:17:20: Rob, at what age do you think you’ll still be doing handrails?

1:21:25: You guys don’t really drink or smoke weed, what’s up with that?

1:29:28: Let’s talk about shitting your pants

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