Tricks are only a small portion of a trip…the laughs, the bullshit, the drinks, the food, and the simple act of pedaling down the street are what you go on a trip for. Wethepeople packed the squad in the van and cruised all around Germany…

„BMX tours can be physically draining; you have to be ready to ride all day then party all night and just repeat for 7-10 days straight, so lasting till the end in one piece is a truly celebratory moment. We decided to stretch ourselves over 7 days with 6 shops visits and over 3,000 Kilometers of driving in between. I can still remember the moment of relief when we pulled back into Koln after visiting Bremen, Hannover, Berlin, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. We were all dead.

Dillon Lloyd, Ed Zunda, Pete Sawyer, Moritz Nussbaumer and Dima Pyrkhodko all battled it out for a week in the van and helped make the bad times good and the good times better. Thanks to all the shops (Alliance, Bikers Base, Flair BMX, Kunstform, Deepend and the Peoples Store) you guys were amazing and helped us feel at home. Special thanks to Sport Import.

Enjoy Part 1, Part 2 will air Wednesday 13th August.
Filmed and edited by Ben Mcpherson.“