BMX: What I Ride – Daniel „Little D“ Martinez | RideBMX

Volume / Demolition’s LA connection Daniel Martinez snags some clips and runs down his whip.

Location: East Los Angeles California
Sponsors: Volume Bikes, JIBOHOLIC, Peepgame.
Frame: Volume “Vessel“ (Broc Raiford Signature)
Fork: Volume “Anchor“ (Broc Raiford Signature)
Bars: Demolition “PA“ (Chris Doyle Signature)
Stem: Volume “VLM“
Grips: Volume “VLM“
Barends: Voume “VLM“
Headset: Demolition
Seatpost: Demolition
Seat: Volume “The Finer Things”
Pedals: Demolition plastic pedals
Cranks: Demolition „RIG“ cranks
Sprocket: Demolition „Mugatu“
Chain: Volume „VLM“
Front Tire: Volume „VLM“
Front Wheel: Demolitions „Rolls“ wheel
Rear Tire: Volume „Vader“
Rear Wheel: Demolition „Rotator“ Freecoaster hub with „Zero“ rim
Pegs: Demolition metal pegs

How would you describe your bike? Basically Simple and clean.

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?i don’t really have preferences i kinda just choose stuff and get use to what I get.I just don’t like long bars I usually cut them down to like 28’s unless they come like that already.when I was growing up I was real poor and got a bunch of hand me downs from friends and never paid attention to like sizes or measurements of anything I always just rode with whatever I got. So I guess that kinda stuck even after being sponsored.
Of all the frames that Volume offers, what made you choose to ride the Vessel frame?i like the way it feels it’s got a high seat tube. So it does feel a little tall for me but it makes it easier to throw barspins. And the head tube does feel like it helps a little bit for nose Manuels.makes me feel like I might get them like Broc one day lol. It’s a little different because I usually prefer a low frame. But this turned out to be a good choice.

What are you most particular about on your bike?for me it’s the bars they have to be on perfect and aligned how I want it. If it’s off a little bit it throws me off completely and my mind won’t let it go till I fix it.

Any upcoming projects on the horizon? Yea there is a lot coming up. I take my time with things not that I want to but I have a full time job and it becomes a little difficult to meet up with people around my schedule. I’m working on a little side project with Chris Bracamonte maybe for DigBMX. Also I’m working on a volume „Chapters“ part with Mike Mastroni for Volume Bikes.and somewhere in between all that I’m filming a section for a new JIBOHOLIC video me and my friends are trying to put out.. Also don’t forget the little Instagram videos I try to put out once a week lol.