I just got this new Box Jump built and we decided to put it together and have our first session on it! I invited Vinny Mannino, Big Boy, Cory Berglar, and my little brother Matty Cranmer to come ride and we had such an awesome day! Big Boy did a flair challenge first trick! and accepted a 360 challenge got him stuck in a lake! Cory berglar did some insane tricks and even did a signature crash or two! Matty Cranmer did a trick I have never seen before and Vinny Mannino did a frontflip over Big Boy as he ate pizza! That has to be a worlds first! Me and Vinny also did a 720 train and Vinny almost fell off the side of the ramp! Such an awesome day with amazing riding and countless laughs! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!