Brutal Double Backflip BMX Crash

Matt Ashworth finally decided to send a double backflip. It didn’t work out. Subscribe:

So a couple of weeks back in general convocation between myself and matt, he mentioned that he was down for booking a day off work and sending the double backflip, to include within his part for the dvd where working on, he’d been trying them into foam and had them pretty consistently, the idea just past and i assumed he was probably never gonna send it to wood.

Few days prior he mentioned it again and i thought wow he’s actually pretty serious about this, so i said ok I’m working at the arc on thursday il bring my camera and you can come and send it over the box.

I still didn’t actually think he was gonna send it, on the day he went to beast rampz and spent an hour sending them to foam and then headed over to the arc to meet me.

He came in and chatted with a few locals and then said lets do this, i still assumed he would have a few runs and then just say he wasn’t feeling it and that would be end of story.

Turns out not, he stood on the deck with the straightest most focused face iv ever seen and can honestly say you don’t ever see that side to matt, he took a few runs to judge speed and take off, sent a few high single flips and then when he dropped in again you could tell this was the one.

After the fall he didn’t feel like he needed an ambulance but we did tell him to visit the hospital on the way home for a check up. Turns out the hospital didn’t have the machine for the scan so he went home and went back to a different hospital next morning where he discovered he had a broken hip, 8 weeks recovery.

Get Well Soon!