Business BMX II DVD – Andrew Phillips Section

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„Business II is a scene video out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that has been 5 years in the making. The entirety of this video was filmed on the east coast of Canada, featuring a long line up some of the most talented street riders in the Maritimes, with tons of different styles. We hope you enjoy it.“

Andrew is from Moncton, NB about 3 hours away from Halifax. The first day that Matt and Andrew came to Halifax to seriously film we ended up stacking like crazy and I knew they could easily film full parts. A handfull of roadtrips later and he filmed an almost 5 minute long section packed with bangers. He finished this section when he was 19. He’s a quiet guy that enjoys hard boiled eggs, haddock, pool, darts and tooth hangers. He’s also just released his first 35mm photo zine called „Oh That Spot“ which is available for purchase on the Business BMX big cartel. He’s 20 now and we’ve got a lot in the works moving forward.

Filmed and Edited by Ian Fleming

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