Calling the Shots: Adam LZ @ Rye Airfield

A few friends call out some pretty difficult tricks for me to do at Rye Airfield Skatepark. The last trick is a first for me and I’m pumped on it!
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We took the 3 hour drive to Rye to get some riding in while I was up north for the holidays. We wanted to film something longer, but we ended up running out of time and made this video really fast. I’m back in school now, so I won’t be uploading as frequently, but I’m still going to try to stick to at least one video per week! Huge thanks to all you guys who watch these videos and interact with us through comments or on any of our social media. You guys are the best, and 2015 is going to be sick!
(I know there is a bunch of black at the end, I trimmed it out on youtube, but it takes a little while to update. I wanted to put this out ASAP)
Filmed by the best – Cody Krueger